2019 Cookie Sale—Sat. Dec. 7—Doors open 10 a.m.

Walk down aisles of pretty cookies--all homemade by our parishioners.  Pick the ones you like and when you're done we will weigh them and you pay by the pound. Doors open at 10 am and the cookies are usually gone by get there early.  The Cookie Walk will be at the social hall next

Live streaming is here! 

Live streaming is here! Our Sunday Divine Liturgy and selected services throughout the week are now being live-streamed on YouTube. Live streaming allows you to receive live video and audio coverage of our church services as they happen over the Internet.  If you've never seen an Eastern Orthodox worship service or wondered what the inside of our

Free Hot Meal every month

St. Nicholas offers a free hot meal at our Banquet Center facility every second Monday of the month. We serve dinner from 5-6 p.m. Come for the fellowship or come for the food, everyone is welcome! We look forward to seeing you there.